a five-part mini docu-series by filmmaker Daniel James of HERD VenturesChef Taddesse’s journey of opening Mélange is captured in this five-part mini docu-series with filmmaker Daniel James of HERD Ventures.
Learn more about Chef Taddesse, the quality and care that goes into your food, Mélange’s local sourcing, our meticulously selected partners and products, and the people behind them, and what helped Mélange thrive in spite of opening during a pandemic.

 PART I: Meet Your Chef

Learn how Chef Taddesse’s culinary training and years spent in Ethiopia, Minneapolis, France, and New York inspire the melange of flavors and techniques at the restaurant. (1:25)


 PART II:Sourcing Meat

Chef Taddesse carefully selects and builds a relationship with the local farm where he sources all of his meat, the secret to making the best burgers in DC.(2:09)


 PART III: The Perfect Bun.

In Part III of “The Making of Mélange”, we see how every element of his recipes is essential to Chef Taddesse, including the artisan breads he hand-selects from local bakeries Lyon and Seylou to make his buns and rolls.(1:20)


 PART IV: A Fresh Take on Vegan.

Chef Taddesse puts the same careful attention to detail and sourcing into the vegan Beyaynetu burger, which is inspired by the Ethiopian vegetable platters he loves. Find out what his secret ingredient is..(1:20)


 PART V: Opening When the World is Closed.

In the final segment of “The Making of Melange”, Chef Taddesse shares some of the challenges of opening a new restaurant during the pandemic. Find out more about what helped Melange overcome and thrive as a successful business even during these times.

From Michelin-starred Chef Elias Taddesse, owner of DC’s acclaimed Mélange restaurant, comes a new concept, Doro Soul Food. Doro Soul Food infuses traditional American soul food with Ethiopian flavors.

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